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    Larimar Floral Silver Ring Sz 7

    Delicate silver roses surround an oval shaped small larimar cabochon.

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    Amethyst Floral Ring Sz 8

    A beautiful little amethyst cabochon is set among delightful silver flowers and leaves in a very unique asymmetric design.

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    Asymmetric Floral Iolite Ring Sz 7.5

    A beautiful blue iolite cabochon is set among delightful silver flowers and leaves in an asymmetric design.

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    Silver Sunburst Tiger Eye Ring Sz 8

    Geometric shapes encircle a beautiful tiger eye cabochon in this eye catching silver ring.

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    Rainforest Jasper Sterling Ring Sz 9

    Beautiful natural shaped rainforest jasper cabochon is the focal for this rustic heavy duty ring.

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    Lace Agate Ring Sz 9.5

    Solid sterling silver ring with a large agate stone and a very wide band in a rustic, geometric style.

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    Rainforest Jasper Floral Pendant

    This large teardrop rainforest jasper stone has beautiful hues of green, cream, and a clear spot where lights shines through from the open back.

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    Turquoise Floral Pendant

    This amazing piece of turquoise is set in a large pendant with floral embellishments, a second bright blue turquoise stone is set on the bail.

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    Birds on a Branch Silver Necklace

    Not sure what these two are chatting about… maybe where their nest should be?  Handmade of pure fine silver, this piece is for anyone who loves birds and nature.

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    Colorful Rustic Bronze “India” Cuff Bracelet

    This bracelet is handmade in solid bronze and is a serious statement piece.  The floral texture is from a traditional wood fabric stamp from India.

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